Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):



What’s the deal with Australian Standards when it comes to publicly available outdoor exercise equipment like a street workout from Spartan Parks?

Unfortunately Australia is severely lagging behind in this space, as it does not have its own standards or guidelines setting out minimum construction, safety or ergonomic requirements for specific outdoor exercise equipment despite the industry’s ongoing attempt to adopt the EN 16630 (Permanently Installed Outdoor Fitness Equipment) set by the European Committee for Standardisation. These standards outline average adult weight requirements, specifications for moving parts, and the type of exercises that can and cannot be designed for in a free access general public environment. Hence why Europe is leading in the space of calisthenics exercise and street workouts by 10 years, as they have had strict standards in place since the year 2008.

What happens when (if) Australia does adopt EN 16630?

This will be a positive move mainly for users of outdoor exercise equipment. When (if) EN 16630 is adopted in Australia, it will mean higher quality, safer and more durable exercise equipment being installed for public use instead of the unregulated, poor quality equipment that has been, and continues to be, sold to Australian consumers, including DIY equipment that isn’t certified. While there are some companies which do sell good quality exercise equipment for public use in Australia (most of these adhere to the European standards), there are many who are not aware that they need to follow any standards, as there are not currently any in place in Australia to hold companies accountable.

All Spartan Parks installed equipment is EN 16630 compliant, even though this is not currently an obligation in Australia.

What has been the result of the absence of Australian standards for this type of equipment?

Some businesses have benefited from supplying and installing DIY style street workout equipment using local timber, steel suppliers and welders to make it themselves without needing to adhere to any of the strict manufacturing standards like in Europe. Typically, these types of exercise stations are not certified by an independent third party (auditor, certified inspector) which results in an increased risk to the manufacturers, installers and of course users of this equipment.

One way to mitigate this risk is to purchase certified street workout equipment like ours, as it carries a valid TÜV SÜD certification for its high quality manufacturing standards by Technischer Überwachungsverein,- a German based organisation specialising in product quality certification on behalf of the European Committee for Standardisation (ECS), in turn fulfilling the most stringent safety standards in this space today.

What about standards regarding suitable flooring installation for this type of exercise equipment?

In the case of publicly available outdoor exercise equipment, or “street workouts”, there are no set Australian standards specific to the installation of appropriate flooring, however in majority of cases around Australia, the type of flooring used by installers adheres to the AS (Australian Standard) 4422 – Playground Surfacing which is intended to be used in conjunction with the AS 4685 series – Playground Equipment and Surfacing.

In other words, the same flooring solutions have been and continue to be installed for outdoor exercise equipment (which is without it’s own standards in Australia) as for playgrounds. These include certified mulch, sand, or even grass. The most common however is the installation of a rubber soft fall with an underlay solution for shock absorption which protects users from accidental falls from varying heights.


Manufacturing & Product Quality

Where is the Spartan Parks equipment made, and how?

The Spartan Parks equipment is manufactured by RVL13, Europe’s leading manufacturer of premium quality street workout equipment that sits installed in over 200 parks, and 19 countries throughout the European Union, Middle East and the United States. Spartan Parks Pty Ltd owns exclusive distribution rights for the Australian market.

The steel comes from Italy (world’s 7th largest steel exporter), where it is loaded onto a truck to the manufacturing plant located in the Czech Republic. When the steel arrives at the manufacturing plant, it is shaped and bent under extreme heat with high-tech robotic machines to resemble something that looks like the finished product. Then the bases and flanges are welded on before the product is moved to the zincing shed where it undergoes hot dip galvanisation (HDG), zinc treatment, and special surface smoothing treatment to prevent rust and corrosion.

Once dried, it is moved to the paint shop where it is thoroughly cleaned, degreased, and then glass blasted. Finally, the equipment is powder coated with two layers of Komaxit (scratch proof powder paint) in your chosen colour scheme – take a look at a video here. To view the colour range, click here. Then it is moved back into the workshop where it is carefully inspected by engineers in white coats, then branded, packed neatly into a large wooden box, and shipped to us for distribution (and installation) to our Australian customers.

Is the equipment tried and tested elsewhere in the world? How is it holding up?

It sure is. Currently, this exercise equipment is serving in 19 countries throughout the European Union and the Middle-East, in over 200 public exercise parks. For instance, in Norway, this equipment is subjected to some of the world’s most testing elements and weather conditions, such as gale force winds, sea salt, snow storms, hail, or heavy rain over winter. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, these bars are subjected to occasional sand storms, extreme heat, humidity and rain without having its structural integrity compromised.

While some might say these bars are “over-engineered”, one cannot ignore the extreme weather conditions  in the Northern Territory and many other parts of Australia, and how it has impacted the few existing sites around Darwin such as East Point, and Nightcliff.

Is the equipment cyclone coded?

The equipment is not a building structure. Like playgrounds, this equipment is not subjected to cyclone coding, however it does comply with the most stringent quality manufacturing standards in the world, set by the European Committee for Standardisation. We have photographic evidence where a roof of a school gymnasium caved in on itself in Spain after a severe storm, resulting in support beams and the entire weight of the roof falling directly over the exercise equipment. Although scratched, it was the only thing left standing relatively unscathed.

How do I know the equipment is of high quality?

The quality of this equipment is second to none. RVL13 is Europe’s leading manufacturer of calisthenics exercise / street workout equipment which meets the most stringent quality and safety standards in the world, namely the EN 16630 (Permanently Installed Outdoor Fitness Equipment) set by the European Committee for Standardisation. The equipment also carries a valid TÜV SÜD certification for its high quality manufacturing standard.

Some of the more prominent customers who have done significant research into the quality and durability of this type of equipment include the Austrian Defence Forces, the Swiss Defence Forces, and the Czech Defence Forces all of whom have ordered custom designed and engineered equipment (not available to the public) for their training grounds.

What colour variations of the equipment are available?

We have a handful of pre-designed colour variations for the equipment to make it easier for you to make a choice, however we are also very happy to meet your design needs in case you would like to stick to your corporate brand identity through the colours you choose from the RAL Colour Palette, so your bars fit right into their location, be it outdoors or indoors.

What is different about the Spartan Parks bars from RVL13 versus other brands?

The street workout bars we supply and install are of the highest quality available on the market today. They adhere to the most stringent manufacturing and safety standards in the world (as discussed above).  RVL13 takes pride and responsibility in the manufacture of their high quality equipment which has earned an incredible reputation and high regard among the street workout community with an impressive track record of zero product returns from its 200+ parks in over 19 countries around the world. These bars are made to outlast the toughest weather conditions known to man, not to mention they cater for wheelchair users and senior members of the community with the specifically designed equipment which caters for their needs.

Does Spartan Parks supply and install playgrounds?

No. We do not supply or install playgrounds, nor do we intend to into the future. Our focus is in health, and in providing our customers with equipment which allows them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Should you wish to purchase playground equipment, we’d be more than happy to refer you to local reputable providers.


Delivery & Installation

How long does it take between ordering and installation?

It generally takes anywhere between 2 to 3 months for the delivery of the equipment from the time a deposit is received, as our set-ups are made to order according to the customer’s specifications. When it arrives at the port, we will notify you to organise a suitable time to begin the installation process, starting with flooring and then equipment installation. You can expect this process to take up to 10 working days from start to finish depending on the area size, installation site variables, amount of equipment and any additional works, such as access ramp installation, footpaths, or installation of other components such as drinking fountains, benches, etc.

How do I choose the best location for the equipment?

The best place for your equipment will always be on flat ground. Excavations can be expensive. Also important to remember is that in order for your bars to comply into the future, there should be 1.5 – 2 metres of empty space around the equipment itself, so when you are looking for a suitable spot, keep that in mind.

Do you also offer a flooring solution with the equipment?

In collaboration with a local, reputable flooring installer we’re happy to offer the best possible flooring solution. There are various options to flooring for our street-workout stations, including sand, playground mulch/chips, but the most popular is rubber soft-fall and that’s the one we recommend.


Maintenance & Warranty

Does the equipment need to be maintained in any way?

RVL13 street workouts are almost maintenance free, however, the manufacturer recommends regular preventative checks in accordance with EN 16630 (described in the Standards section above) which puts forward the following rules:

  1. Routine Check: The frequency of these checks may be irregular. They serve as a precautionary measure in order to eliminate potential device malfunctions due to its use, vandalism or surrounding influences
  2. Operational Inspection: Once every three months, an authorised person should check the status of the park, and report the observations
  3. Annual Inspection: Every year, the park should be thoroughly inspected and evaluated
  4. In the event of damage to the park to any extent, it is necessary to notify the park manager who will subsequently remove the fault in cooperation with the manufacturer or distributor with regard to the validity of the warranty period (described below)

What is the warranty on the equipment?

The following warranty is given by the manufacturer RVL13;

2 Years for All Metal Parts
10 Years for Galvanised and Stainless Steel parts rusting from inside to outside
25 Years for Production Faults


Benefits of Outdoor Calisthenics / Street Workouts

What are the benefits of having an outdoor calisthenics or “street workout” station in the community?

There are several benefits to installing a street workout station in your community.


Firstly, there’s the public accessibility factor which allows members of the community to save money on expensive gym memberships by using these facilities. In many cases, particularly in regional towns or remote towns, there are no gym memberships to purchase anyway, and there is very little to do to improve one’s physical and mental health which leads to a sedentary lifestyle – one of the leading causes of chronic diseases including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, cardio-vascular disease, asthma, obesity and various eating disorders to name a few. These then result in other consequential issues, such as anxiety, depression, and in some cases; suicide.

Stronger Communities

Secondly, these kinds of exercise stations and its accessibility creates stronger communities, as people tend to congregate there during the morning and afternoon hours before and after work. Because of its social nature which originated “in the streets”, these stations are fast becoming vibrant community hubs where people meet, workout and create new friends. Our equipment has the added advantage of being inclusive of wheelchair users unlike conventional gyms, which means everyone is provided with the opportunity to improve their health and fitness, and feel part of the community without feeling judged. We’re all equal on the bars!

Improves Physical & Mental Health

Thirdly, it goes without mention that making such stations available in the community encourages people to improve or maintain their physical and mental health, particularly in areas of Northern Australia where summer temperatures never end, and people can really get involved in community health initiatives and enjoy the lifestyle their cities or towns make available to them.

Several Social Benefits

As identified in the recent research report into The Value of Community Sport Infrastructure, published by KPMG in collaboration with LaTrobe University and the Australian Sports Commission (2018), there are several social benefits to the community. These are outlined below:

Human Capital Uplift: participants in sport benefit from increased cognition as well as the development of a number of skills that improve their education and employability outcomes.

Social Inclusion: community sport infrastructure, by facilitating the creation of bridges between different sectors of a community, can improve social inclusion.

Community Pride: communities can take pride in the successes of their local sports teams, as well as events hosted at community sport facilities and the facilities them selves.

Increased level of Trust: studies have shown that involvement in community sports can increase generalised levels of trust in a community.

Positive Role Modelling: Role models of positive behaviour provided for young people in the form of coaches and other players.

Reduction in Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour: there is a significant body of both academic and anecdotal evidence to support a relationship between community sport and a reduction in crime and other anti-social behaviours.

Elite Sporting Outcomes: the outcomes supported by the development of professional athletes through community sports, including national pride and the role-modelling of healthy lifestyles.

Furthermore it states that “the availability and use of community sport infrastructure enables physical activity and, by extension, supports health and wellness in our communities, it provides a space for people of different walks of life to connect around common objectives, it supports employment and the economy, and it is a critical requirement for liveable cities and neighbourhoods.”

Why a street workout, why not your standard gym equipment?

A street workout is unlikely going to have any moving parts, as it is designed for body weight movements. This makes this type of equipment very attractive to city and regional councils, as they do not have to continuously repair moving parts due to oxidisation and rusting which weakens the equipment and turns it into an unnecessary OHS concern which in the long run ends up costing more money.

What is the difference between this equipment and equipment found in a conventional gym?

The difference is that indoor gym equipment mainly consists of free weights which only give users the ability to strengthen individual muscle groups, for example; lifting weights to strengthen biceps, or using the shoulder press to strengthen shoulders, and so on.

Street workout equipment enables users to strengthen muscle groups in combination with one another due to having to use their own body weight for resistance. This type of exercise is typical in sports such as swimming, water polo, rowing, gymnastics, or even running, where the athlete must use more than a singular muscle group in combination with another to achieve an outcome (to propel oneself forward). Hence the type of exercise a user gets from a street workout is much more functional for every day use as it results in muscle gains where they’re actually needed. Hence why swimmers for instance have such lean, toned muscle versus body builders. Asking a body builder to do 10 chin-ups on a bar is like asking a bear to outrun a jaguar. It’s not gonna happen. Body builders carry much more weight due to their muscle mass from exercising a singular muscle group at a time.

Do you only supply the equipment in the NT?

At this stage we believe in the potential of our home town, Darwin. It is the best place in Australia to live, hands down. We want to make it even better, so those who come up to visit during the cold winter months consider moving here themselves.

If you wish to discuss an installation outside of the Northern Territory, please give us a call.